Care & Nursing home information

Before you call your GP for a visit please consider UCR self referral Easy read poster

UCR is a team of health and social care professionals who
help to maintain people at home – preventing avoidable
hospital visits and stays – and to assist people returning home
from hospital who need extra support.


If you do make contact with a GP for one of your residents, please ensure you have resident observations available for all types of contact. Completing the obs form will assist the clinician when deciding whether a home visit is required, or whether the resident can be helped in a different way.

The Enhanced Health in Care Homes team will most likely be known to you. If you have any queries or need to contact them for non acute medical reasons please se their website for contact information

The ECHT is centred on the residents individual needs and follows the National Framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes 


Our practice have a joint care initiative with the homes and you can read our joint letter here 

For these referrals you do not need to contact the GP you can self refer one of your residents:




Care homes should also self refer for OT or social services referrals. Any help /issues you have with self referrals you can contact the ECHT for advice 

Care home continence referral form 

Delirium quick guide 


Decisions about DNACPR booklet 


Falls team info and access to referral forms

Southport and Formby :: Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust


Hydration toolkit information 


'MUST' calculator 

Care home resources Managing Malnutrition: Care Homes: Care Homes Fact Sheet: The Pathway: Making Malnutrition Matter (

Dietetics referral form 

Oral Health 

Recommendations | Oral health for adults in care homes | Guidance | NICE

Oral health toolkit 

Staff training

Personalised Care Institute – resources for training for Care Home staff:


Care home UTI guidance document