NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT)

Friends and Family Test results

Below are our Friends and Family Test (FFT) results from previous months.

The questions asked was;

“Overall, how was your experience of our service?”

has six possible response categories:

  • Very good,
  • good,
  • neither good nor poor,
  • poor,
  • very poor,
  • and don’t know
Responses July August September
1 Very good 179 218 379
2 Good 38 48 75
3 Neither good nor poor 5 4 4
4 Poor 2 1 7
5 Very poor 0 2 3
6 Don’t know 0 2 0
  224 267 465

Comments resulting from FFT feedback

Some updated comments from September feedback includes comments from our Flu clinic held on Saturday 30th September;

Nurse was very helpful and pleasant to talk to, I'm sure she'll go a long way

Lovely receptionist Prompt appointment

Flu jab was the quickest service I have ever experienced! Extremely efficient and welcoming staff and a most pleasant team of youngsters welcoming everyone on arrival at the surgery. Excellent service

Had flu jab today (Saturday 30th September), flawless system and organisation from the nurses. Friendly atmosphere I was in and out in no time. Perfect.

Pleasant, efficient staff instils complete confidence

Brilliant from receptionist, to nurse , chemist , all were very good

If you would like to feedback to the practice about your experience, please feel free to contact us by emailing your feedback to gp.n84005@nhs.net titling your email Friend and Family Test