On line Access


You can download the app on your desktop browser or smart phone without having to contact your practice. The NHS APP verifies your ID with your passport or driving licence


You can view your COVID vaccines via the NHS APP 


All patients can now access our appointments system on line, as well as ordering medicines and viewing medical records. 

There are various websites /apps that you can access to do this, and some of the more established apps allow proxy access, which means you can make appointments or order medications on behalf of elderly relatives or children, who may not be able to do so themselves. 

We have a tablet in our reception area which is for patient use, if you do not have access to a computer at home, which means you can pop in and log onto your own account and make appointments from the comfort of our ground floor waiting area! 

If you wish to complete paperwork to allow a family member to gain proxy access on your behalf you can download here, please note you will be required to sign the paperwork and produce ID for both yourself and your nominated person who will have access 

Here for adult proxy access 

Here for children proxy access 

Here for your own personal access 

Here for manual SAR's requests