Over the last six months GP practices have organised over 666,833 appointments for Sefton residents outside of any vaccination appointments in that time. This is an increase of 20.7% from the previous six months, showing the rising demand GPs are facing.

The threat of infection from COVID-19 still exists and rates in Sefton continue to rise. Patients are being asked to continue to follow guidance in place and take the necessary precautions such as wearing face coverings and practicing good hygiene. Patients are also being asked to be kind to GP practice staff at this busy time and respect the necessary infection control measures that are in place to ensure surgeries stay functional and open.                 

GP practice buildings are public buildings and as such must be kept COVID-secure. Your GP practice will already have a process in place for managing entry into the premises to help minimise the risk of anybody spreading the virus. Please continue to follow this.

New ways of providing GP services have been introduced and are still in place in order to maintain access to your GP practice team while protecting you, others and staff. Triage (making an assessment of your condition and prioritising care accordingly) is an important part of how GP practices work. This has always been in place but has been vitally important during the pandemic.