We are thrilled to announce that our buildings in
Walton, Southport and Bootle are open once again
after closing in March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19
Following the introduction of lockdown restrictions,
we quickly adapted our service model to enable people
within the communities we serve to access online courses
and support both digitally and over the telephone.
We now offer drop-in pathways advisor appointments,
as well as face to face learning sessions.
Zoom learning sessions remain in place and pathways
advice and support remains accessible over the phone.
Social distancing will be maintained in all our buildings.

Contact us for more information
Email liferooms@merseycare.nhs.uk or call us on one of
the numbers below:
Walton: 0151 478 6556
Southport: 01704 383 198
Bootle: 0151 330 6461
You can access our face to face and digital learning
timetables on our website: www.liferooms.org
We look forward to seeing you soon!