16.2.2021 - NHS Digital recently extracted , from practice data, information on patients and added new patients to the shielding criteria , you may receive a letter and it may be unclear as to why you are on the newly published register of shielding patients 

This link explains as to how data is extracted and how you are calculated and notified to be shielding https://digital.nhs.uk/coronavirus/risk-assessment/clinical-tool/information-for-patients

Lots of the data is unfortunately incorrect as NHS digital extracted historic data, which was no longer relevant to a patient, one common example is ladies who suffered gestational diabetes during pregnancy at some point of their lives. 

If you are unsure why you have received a letter we may be able to use the assessment tool to check via  https://beta.covidrisk.nhs.uk/ras/qcovid  

Please note the latest shielding letters are simply guidance , so if you are sure the letter you have received is not relevant to you (for example past history gestational diabetes many years ago) you can disregard the shielding letter and continue to social distance and observe the usual Gov recommendations for the general population.  



The guide to follow if you need to self isolate at home over the Christmas period.

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