Wednesday, 27 April 2022

World Immunisation Week

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of vaccination in protecting us from serious illness.
The NHS offers a range of vaccinations to people from birth into older age to safely protect them against potentially serious illnesses.
Keeping up to date with routine vaccinations is essential in preventing severe illnesses and ongoing health complications amongst all age groups.
If you or your child is due a routine vaccination, we would encourage you to book an appointment with your GP practice.
If your child is of secondary school age, make sure they take up the offer of the vaccinations given in school.
If you child is due their MMR vaccination, but didn’t get it during the pandemic, we would encourage you to contact your GP practice to arrange an appointment.
If you’re not sure if your child is up to date with their routine vaccines, which protect against potentially harmful diseases, such as measles, meningitis and whooping cough, check your child’s red book or contact your GP practice.
As well as protecting you and the people around you, vaccination also helps the NHS by reducing the number of people that are likely to get seriously ill from catching a virus and needing to go to hospital.
Vaccinations are rigorously tested to the highest safety standards.
As with many medications, people may have some side effects when having a vaccination. This is perfectly normal and usually quite mild.

Call to action
Make sure that you are aware of which vaccinations are available via the NHS at all life stages and if you or your child are due a vaccination, book an appointment with your GP practice. For more information visit the NHS website

Keeping up to date with routine vaccinations is essential in preventing severe disease against all age groups. 

Vaccinations help reduce the pressure on the NHS and hospital admissions, so World Immunisation Week is an opportunity to remind people when and how they’re available for themselves and their children. More information is available here.