Wednesday, 15 December 2021

COVID Vaccine programme 2020/21

7.6.2021 - We have now vaccinated 6713 first doses and 5012 second doses. 

All patients aged 25years plus can now book their vaccine via the National Booking system

*UPDATE 10.5.2021 *

COVID-19 vaccine figures for Southport and Formby 

We're pleased to share that 69,609 residents in the NHS Southport and Formby CCG area have been given a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is 59.9% of the general population.

36,194 residents have been given a second dose which is 31.1% of the population. 

We're also proud to share that 95.5% of eligible care home residents across Sefton have been vaccinated with at least one dose, which is one of the highest figures in the Liverpool City Region, as well as 78.3% of care home staff. 

We'd like to thank you all of our residents who have come forward when they have received their invitation, and urge anyone who is eligible to take up the offer to get protected. You can find out whether you are eligible and how the vaccine programme is working in Sefton here.

This vaccine data includes figures up to 6 May 2021. The data is reported by the National Immunisation Management Service (NIMS) and brings together information from GP led vaccination sites, pharmacies, regional vaccination centres and hospitals. 

NHS invites people aged 56 to 59 for their COVID jab

Carers COVID vaccines update 24.2.2021 - 

Adult carers
According to the JCVI and Public Health England Green Book, adult carers are “those who are eligible for a carer’s allowance, or those who are the sole or primary carer of an elderly or disabled person who is at increased risk of COVID-19 mortality and therefore clinically vulnerable”.
Two data sources are being used to identify those who are eligible within this definition: those flagged as carers in GP systems, and those assessed by DWP as eligible for Carer’s Allowance.
Those who have a carers flag on GP systems are being called by PCN LVSs, as in many cases they will accompany the person they care for if they are also being vaccinated in cohort 6, for example those with learning disabilities.
From Saturday 20 February those identified within these groups will be able to book via the
National Booking Service. To support maximising all available capacity and vaccine supply in your area for adult carers, local systems are asked to take the following action:
a) Use local communication and engagement networks to advise eligible adult carers (i.e.
those known to be eligible for Carer’s Allowance) that they can make a booking via the NBS
or 119 in advance of receiving their letter of invitation. Local Authorities have strong
community and third sector networks which can support systems to explain and
communicate this to local communities.
b) This initial phase of adult carers do not need to provide any evidence of eligibility as they
are already identified as eligible and will be able to book with their personal details or NHS

c) Carers under 18 will not be able to book using the National Booking Service. Those under
18 will need to be invited by their LVS where they can receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Patients aged 56 yrs plus, on shielding register or frontline health & social care worker, can book their vaccines directly on

Vaccine hesitancy guidance and links 

Useful  guidance from a number of sources  has been produced for  patients, frontline workers  and  vaccinators to promote understanding of the vaccine, vaccination and its effects.

Practices and vaccinators might wish to  offer the following guidance notes to their patients as appropriate to help them make an informed choice-




Easy read leaflet available here 

February 2021 - We are currently inviting ages 70 years plus for their vaccine. You or your relatives aged 70 years and above may also receive a letter from central NHS advising you can book your vaccine via 119 or via

We would encourage anyone who has not yet been contacted by the practice directly, but is aged 70years and above, to go via the link above and book their vaccine

We have almost completed our housebound patients (people who are in their own homes but cannot get to the centre for vaccine) and all local nursing and care homes have been vaccinated. 

Jan 2021 Message to patients from Southport & Formby CCG here 

The first phase of the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme has started. When it is the right time people will receive an invitation to come forward.

For most people this will be a letter, either from their GP or the national NHS. This letter will include all the information you will need to book appointments, including your NHS number.

Please do not contact the NHS to get an appointment until you get this letter. Information on the vaccine is available on the NHS website


If you have not been called yet please wait for contact. The CCG is organising the vaccination rollout on mass, for the whole of Southport & Formby 

Read info here as to why you have to wait your turn